Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rose Rocks!

I don't have a single picture of a rose rock. Neither do the other two people who were rose rock hunting with me. Plenty of pictures of the hunt, we found plenty of rocks, but not a single picture of them to put here. Just realized that. Still, the hunt for rose rocks and the 4 minute beach trip were the highlights of my day.

There's a creek beside the weather station, and it's pretty dry this time of year so we went across it to look for rose rocks after work. These are neat things that look spikey and they erode out of the hills. Apparently they're formed in the sea, with the crystals growing out in all directions. Pretty cool and I'll put some pics of them here later if I remember. From the pictures you can kind of see the kind of ground we were digging in, and that there were some pretty steep hills. It was so pretty and it was fun to be out playing today. We spent about 4 hours walking and climbing and hunting around in the dirt for cool rocks. We saw teeth (or some kind of plant but we think its teeth), fossilized shells and, of course, rose rocks. On our way back, we saw lots of prints in the mud in the creek: fox, wolf, muskox, bunny, bird.

We also walked through the forest. There are willow trees here :) Sort of.

And other pretty plants too.
The picture at the top is from our drive up to the lab this afternoon. Some more ice had floated into the fjord and I particularly liked this iceberg. I could have sat there all day, but was only able to for a few minutes before we had to continue up to the lab. We took a quick stop to watch some muskox run away farther up the ridge as well, and then settled in for an afternoon of plumbing and pipe fitting, hooking the chiller and gas lines up to our laser.

All in all, a very good day!

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