Friday, March 5, 2010

Many more wolves. And more airplane too.

This morning we decided to go see whether we could see the wolves again. We weren't quite expecting as many as we saw, nor just how happy they were to get close to us!

We counted about 19 or 20 again. Such beautiful animals. They were really calm and curious. We didn't walk up to them so much as they would wander over to us. Even as soon as the truck pulled up, they all came right over. Very cool experience!

And here's a daytime picture of the plane:

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  1. Uber cool!!!!!!! I'm so envious lol!
    I hope you're having a good time! we miss you in London.
    Also, withe the UofT crew in your previous post is that Zen guy Zen Marianni by chance? If so tell him Robin says Hi!