Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm going back!

It's been awhile since my last blog post, but I found out last week that I'll be headed back to Eureka in several days, so I thought I'd revive ye ol' blog and record whatever new adventures come my way. This time it will be daylight while we're up there (so we can't take data this time), and we're going to replace the laser that quit at the end of the spring campaign. Wish us luck that everything goes smoothly... I'm counting on the extra vitamin D to keep everyone happy and stress free, but we are going to be trying to move things that weigh several hundred pounds, and there won't be much space to move said things around in, so I guess we'll see! I'm excited, anyways. So this week I am packing and writing and packing and writing and re-analyzing data (all of which are not that exciting to watch or read about), and I'll put more updates once I actually get on my way.

To keep you entertained until then: I give you the picture of me, Elliston beach (root cellar capital of the world, in case you were unaware. It's on the east coast of Newfoundland near Bonavista), and the puddle on a rock which had tiny bugs that I seem to be quite enthralled with. Chad thought it was funny and I think he took the picture mostly because it shows an excellent display of Emily Fashion Sens(ibl)e with the legwarmers visible even in the middle of summer. I don't care if it was June - it was chilly!

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