Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Made it to Yellowknife

Just a short post for now as I haven't taken any pictures yet. I traveled to Toronto last night and then caught an early flight this morning to Calgary and then on to Yellowknife. Matt the CANDAC operator is also coming from Toronto, so it's been nice to have some company today. Tomorrow we will meet up with Bernard and Mike from Environment Canada and we will all together take a Summit Air charter flight up to Eureka.

This evening will just be running a few errands getting some things Matt needs to bring up to the weather station, finding some supper (I think I'm going to eat a cariboo. Maybe an arctic char, but I've had that before so I am hoping for cariboo. I'll let you know if I do) and maybe going for a walk? We'll see. I'm pretty exhausted and it will be a long day of flying tomorrow, so I should see whether I can get any work done tonight as there will definitely be none getting done tomorrow!

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