Friday, October 15, 2010

0pal, bigger and better

Last year, 0pal was a collection of shipping containers connected by a plywood bridge. The bridge is gone. Long live the Giant Building they Built Inside 0pal! The new construction, which links the two halves of the 0pal lab together, looks great. It's awesome. High ceilings, lots of windows, and it's a nice shade of blue. There's a ton of space inside, and I'm finding that the cubical (where we used to enter the CRL container) is feeling warmer now that we don't open the doors directly into a flurry of snow and wind. The building was put in this summer, and is about 8000 times fancier than what I had figured was going in. Quite a nice upgrade - it makes our lab feel like it's in a real building.

This is Colin (with the Muskox in Cabridge Bay). He's from Dal and works on the CRL also. We're up here working together for 2 weeks to install lots of bits and pieces in the lidar.

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