Saturday, October 23, 2010


The hills behind 0PAL are beautiful. There is Blacktop off to the right, and you can see station creek just over to the left. You can see them, can't you? Yeah... neither could we through the ice fog which thwarted our lidar observing efforts for days and days this week. We blame it on some EC people trying to get a plane to fly them from Resolute (where they were stranded for 4 days or so) to Eureka. They eventually got here and it cleared up for a day or two. Then, they got the brilliant plan to go home again. On a plane. The threat of that plane made the weather not cooperate for enough more days that in the end, the plane was cancelled and the EC crew will fly south with us on the 26th. Did I mention that everything we had to do this week depended on clear skies?

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