Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our little science group escaped from "hotel-arrest" today, after hearing in the afternoon that our plane would definitely not be leaving any time soon. We're aiming for tomorrow morning instead, pending weather.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather here to take another walk to some of the art galleries.

The Canada Goose jackets flying in a V. How appropriate!

We hit the usual Gallery of the Midnight Sun, and Northern Images, before heading for one that is new to us. This one had carvings done by the store owner and other local artists. These were done in alabaster, mammoth tusk, and the like.

Paul was our leader on the hunt for art.

Why not stop by the still-under-construction Snow King Castle while we're at it? The anonymous fellow in the wall shows just how thick the walls are. There's about 1 foot of snow, and then bricks of ice inside that. The workers are in the process of carving away the outer layer of snow to leave icy windows behind. The castle opens for visitors as of March 1st, so maybe we'll be able to stop in on our way back through YK.

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