Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You'll notice that we are still in Yellowknife

Hi! We're still in Yellowknife, although we were ready to head to the airport for 6:30 this morning. We got the call while eating breakfast that our flight would be delayed. Why, you ask? Bad weather.

Weather in Yellowknife: Gorgeous. Just fine for flying. Beautiful.
Weather in Eureka: -50 C. Just fine for flying. Beautiful.

 (Yes, there's no weather forecast for the weather station. Go figure.)

The problem is with the airports on the way. We're taking a Beech 1900D this time, and have a lot of gear with us. We'll have to stop twice on the way, once in Cambridge Bay, and once in Resolute. This time, the delay is because of weather in Resolute Bay.

It's windy, with snow blowing. With no acceptable alternate runway nearby, our entire flight is on hold until the weather clears up.

Maybe by late tonight.
Maybe not.

I guess we'll wait and see!

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