Sunday, February 22, 2009


Not a great night at the lidar last night. We had to blow snow off the mirror every 15 minutes or so which meant our signal was not great, and before that, parts of the detector were making funny sounds for a bit, and then did okay. Still, we got some hours of data and we got picked up and brought back to the weather station in time for brunch this morning!

Unrelated note: the drinking water here is purified by reverse osmosis, and they soften it. It tastes okay when it's really cold, but kind of salty when it's not. Even when it's made into tea. Lemon tea works out okay though if you steep it long enough and if you drink it while it's still hot enough.

Polar sunrise was supposed to have happened around the 20th, and usually there's a big party here to celebrate. Sad thing is, it's been to hazy/cloudy ever since then to see the sun at all! A few days before sunrise they saw a bit of the sun before it came over the horizon (the light from the sun is refracted enough you can see it before it's up), but not much since! We get very pretty sunrise scenery, but not much sun yet.

No muskox sightings this morning.

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