Monday, February 16, 2009

We made it to Eureka!

Here we are getting on the charter flight from Yellowknife to Eureka yesterday. It took about 7 hours, with a 10 minute refueling stop in Resolute Bay. The weather was good on the way, and there were no major delays - just one at the start when our lunch did not make it to the flight on time. Turns out that there was a hockey game that morning and the people at the restaurant forgot that we had ordered subs! A Tim Horton's run solved that and we took off not too much later than we had planned.

We arrived in Eureka in the evening, so it was dark out. It was very clear and I saw tons of stars. Polaris really was almost right overhead! Kind of neat to see. Another thing that I saw for the first time yesterday was ice crystals as a form of precipitation. It wasn't snowing, just sparkling, and it was quite nice.

After unloading the plane onto the trucks, we went to the weather station (where we sleep and eat but not where the lidar is), were fed supper (which was yummy and I was happy to see after the long plane ride where I was afraid to drink my juice because there is no real bathroom on the plane although we did throw a port-o-potty in the back with the boxes), then given the grand tour and safety briefing before bed.

Today I got up for breakfast, worked on Picon (analysis code) for the morning and then slept all afternoon in preparation for starting to work the night shift, which is where I am right now.

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