Monday, March 2, 2009


Hi everyone,
Bob told me that he was having trouble commenting on my blog. And Mum wonders whether I do actually read my comments. Turns out I do read the comments, and I've tried to figure out why comments weren't working but they seem to do okay for me. I signed out of my blog and left myself some trying a few different ways. I'm a bit new to blogging so I haven't got all the fancy stuff figured out yet :) You can always send me an email at emccull2 at uwo dot ca if you need to get in touch with me, although it is a fun time to go on my blog and find that people actually do look at it! I'll put up a real post later.

Fun current fact: It's -35 C with a 20 knot wind (from the south which in Eureka means the clouds will start rolling in sometime soon), so most people will get frostbite on any exposed skin in 2-5 minutes. That's what the pretty coloured windchill chart on the wall of the lab says, and I find it entertaining to look up current conditions on there when we come up here. I don't have frostbite though thanks to the neckwarmer Mum mailed me before I left - Thanks Mum! (And thanks Dad, if the one she mailed me actually belongs to you).


  1. Your -35 sounds considerably warmer than the -54 or whatever you started with, and not that much colder than the -20C (and sunny) in Ottawa this morning.

  2. Yep - it doesn't hurt to go outside. And then the wind starts up and it's freezing! It was about -35 when we went for our walk the other day too, and it was quite nice and balmy. The winds were up to 40 knots last night (and they still are this morning) so we closed the hatch - not an easy feat in 40 knot winds, which is why we didn't wait to see if it would get any worse.

  3. OK, I'm trying the comment again, it is recognizing my account below so I'll hit return and hope!