Sunday, March 8, 2009

Group Picture

Here's the whole Polar Sunrise team:

From left to right: Emily, Tom, Cristen, Rodica, Bernard, Volodya, Felicia, Pierre, Bec and Matt

Photo by Volodya

Two students from U de Sherbrooke, Konstantin and Yann are also up at Eureka, but their instrument is not at PEARL. They work on a starphotometer at 0PAL right by the station. When we're at the station overnight (if it's cloudy) we generally eat supper with these guys who are also on night shift. More often than not, Mike (I think he's a MetTech - he works in the weather office) is up with us too, but he just switched off of night shifts the other day.


  1. Hi Dear:

    Great photos. May I show a few of your blog pics at our (one-week postponed) March 13 RASC meeting? Or would you prefer to wait and do a presentation yourself at a future RASC Ottawa meeting?

    Sad to hear about the lidar's passing to "the other side." I hope you all drink a toast to your stalwart instrument before you leave.

    Clear skies,


  2. Sure. Just know that some of the pictures were not taken by me?