Sunday, March 8, 2009

Some more pictures from my walk to the other ridge

These pictures are in backwards order from how they were taken, but the first picture here with Bernard at the bottom left will maybe give a better idea of scale. It was taken 2 seconds after the one I posted the other day with the sun. Here we are on the ridge opposite the PEARL lab, elevation about 650 m.

This is part of the flat part between the ridges. The ridges don't go down too far between them (maybe 50m or so?) but are way steeper than they look in the picture - we had a fun time trying to climb back up the one the ridge sits on! Sliding down there would be great if you had a crazy carpet with shocks. The rocks would get you otherwise...

Here's the lab (and the moon) from the bottom of the small valley between the ridges. The shadow going halfway up the hill is made by the opposite ridge behind me. By the time we got back, it had almost reached the lab (at 4pm or so).

This is looking over the "edge" of the other ridge, out to the fjord (looking away from the lab). That's the side you don't want to fall down.

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