Saturday, March 30, 2013

In which people and wolves come and go

The Intermittent Blogger is back. Summary of lately: Accountants have arrived, counted things, hiked, and left again. An electrician, a plumber and a carpenter did that, too, minus the hiking. Now a drilling team is here. It was really cloudy for days and days.
  And then it was beautiful and clear, except: On some days there was one cloud in front of the sun, and on other days there was one cloud surrounding PEARL's mountain top. To do direct-sun measurements with the campaign spectrometers, that doesn't work so great. On those days, we worked on other things.
 Now it's been sunny again for a few days, so we've been making lots of measurements.
 Measurements of wolves? Don't mind if we do! The pack showed back up at the station this morning. There were 15 that we counted, and more nearby for sure as we could hear them howling at one another. Some were huge, and some were kind of scrawny.
 One carried a stick around.
 This is Pierre and me. Obligatory 80 degrees North photo which has to be taken every time a new group of folks comes up to the lab with us. This photo captured the iceberg to the left of Pierre's head. More closeup photos o' that to come!
Lidar is doing well. Superhero Labmate Chris has been gathering data pretty much nonstop unless the winds are blowing too hard (which they sometimes do. 20 knots is the limit for the hatch cover). I get to go tinker with some flashlamps tomorrow, though.


  1. It must be warmer too -- no goggles!

  2. Why did the electrician, the plumber and the carpenter count things? Didn't they have thinks to electric, plumb, and carpent?
    I like your wolf friends!

  3. HI! I am doing some research on PEARL. I am an Architecture Student at McGill University and I was wondering if, by any chance, you could feed me with information about the station, the lifestyle (where do you sleep, travel, etc.) and more! Could you please contact me at :D I would be super happy!!!