Thursday, March 7, 2013

One solitary cloud

Dear Cloud, are you made of ice, or are you made of water? You're at 6 km, and you're 2 km tall. You hung around the lidar for 3 hours. You had no buddies - you were the only cloud in the sky.  You'd be a great "reality check" for the depolarization measurements.... but we can't be sure of our calibrations until we see another one.

The first part of our Campaign crew left this morning on the plane. Now I'm the only one at the 0PAL lab, as Zen finished his E-AERI work in time to catch this ride home.

Met Tech Johnny and I went for a post-lunch walk to the northwest of the station. The sun is getting pretty high in the sky these days, splashing sunbeams right onto the 0PAL lab and the station.

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