Sunday, March 3, 2013

We went for a walk today, up behind the station, past the 0PAL lab. 
We saw this new track truck, but we didn't drive anywhere in it. The station staff use it to get to the spot on the frozen fjord where they do the ice survey. 

Not having any particular destination in mind, we ambled over the hills and took a look back toward the station. We were walking just after lunch, and the sun rose around 9:30 or something in the morning. Look how high it isn't in the sky! It just skims across to the right, until about 3:30, when it dips back down behind Cape Hare.

Animal tracks: Bunny, Fox, Wolf, Human (well, once we were there anyways), and lemming!  We followed the wolf tracks for a bit, but then I got caught up in the lemming trail and had to see where it went. Lemmings are little, like mice and voles.
 Following..... and the lemming tracks start looping back on themselves. Is our lemming being chased down by some predatory creature? And OH NO! Look at that ripped up mess of snow where the tracks disappear!!

On further inspection, it appears that the lemming was merely going home. He lives in this hole (or in some burrow attached to the hole, anyways!)

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