Saturday, March 16, 2013

Making friends with Ridge Lab instruments

I went up to the Ridge lab with the crew yesterday was to learn about how to run each of the instruments that Pierre and I will be operating during the Extended Phase of the ACE campaign. I operated them all with Paul last year, but a refresher is always useful. All the photos in here today were taken by Dan Weaver, who operates the Bruker with Joseph.

Bruker training with Joseph:

I love lidars a lot (Lasers! Telescopes! I get to build stuff. What's not to like?). I also really enjoy getting to see what the others are up to in Eureka. I'm curious. I also figure that the more experience working with other sorts of equipment I can manage to cram in my head, the better (The experience goes into my head; the equipment itself does not). It's neat. And it gives me a glimpse into other ways of doing similar things. Who know what will be useful 5 years from now? The opportunity to stay in Eureka for the extended campaign is also ideal, because it lets our CRL lidar keep operating for an additional couple of weeks.

 The suntracker for the Bruker and PARIS instruments has a personality of its own.

Some of the instruments have been moved and modified since the last campaign, so we went through the operating procedures to make sure that what the grad students want to have done with their instruments is the same as what they have written that they want to have done with them. Xiaoyi's instrument is now much easier to access. No more climbing on ladders necessary!

Debora is operating PARIS, which is the same as the Fourier Transform Spectrometer in the ACE experiment on SCISAT. She's reminding me of the multiple different ways that the PARIS data gets backed up.

At the start of the campaign, it's important to have a solid team in Eureka getting everything set up, troubleshooting any problems, etc. Now that things are running smoothly, our skeleton crew should be able to keep up with the routine for the next few weeks!

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